The Intelligent Pursuit of Strategy

Brainbox translates our clients’ strategic business goals into actionable measurements. For almost a decade our goal has been to guide our customers away from the domain of hunch and anecdote and towards a rationalized, data-driven understanding of their world. We want our clients to leverage cutting-edge analytical tools and best practice data integration strategies so they can find the meaningful patterns in their data, share those patterns with others, and promptly take action. That’s our whole business.


The path to business intelligence is a journey, and like all journeys getting started can be tricky. You may not know what you need or how to get there. You want to buy the right equipment but not spend more than you should. You want to know what to focus on and what not to. With deep business requirement, analytical, and architectural expertise, the team at Brainbox knows how to get you there with efficiency and clarity.


Business intelligence initiatives are fraught with disconnects between business users and IT – and even internal business intelligence staff and IT. Yet the success of your business intelligence initiative depends on the technical solution aligning with business requirements. Our consultants create and leverage structures and roadmaps to get everyone on the same page, and to deliver solutions that work for all parts of an organization.


Part of getting everyone on the same page is ensuring that there is internal consensus on what things mean. Without a clear and consistent business language in place across your organization and a means to share that information, the true value of your business intelligence initiative may never be realized. Having a comprehensive, shared understanding of the data means having a comprehensive, shared understanding of the language in which it is described. Brainbox helps you get there.


It’s a challenge we see all the time: organizations struggling to get information out of their business systems that is actionable and addresses real business problems. Our mission is to help you get to the core value of your business, and develop the simplest, most elegant and useful business intelligence solution possible.

The leadership at Brainbox Consulting has been a trusted partner in a number of technology areas including web application, data warehousing and data parsing…Brainbox built a flexible and robust parsing solution to centralize and consolidate an array of multiple, one-off applications all over the U.S. and Canada. Their work led to significant savings in our field support costs and a solution that still runs a decade later, processing over 50,000 files a week and enabling millions of transactions to be processed. Brainbox definitely knows how to partner, integrate and work with data.

John Tomovcsik
North American CTO
Iron Mountain