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Our approach and expertise in Tableau Desktop, Tableau Online and Tableau Server solves customer problems and issues. You get a multi-faceted solution for data insight, helping you to ramp up quickly and experience faster returns on your Tableau investment.

We have a deeper knowledge base in business intelligence than just the visualization layer. We also understand large data volumes, working with a multitude of data sources, aggregation strategies, various data modeling approaches, big data, and on premise and cloud possibilities. We have the ability to look for creative strategic possibilities within a broader framework.

Our clients are often striving to understand how to leverage the data visualization and aesthetic power of Tableau Software to enrich their own clients’ experience, whether that is through state-of-the-art client portals in Tableau Online or Tableau Server, sales collateral, or tools for quarterly business reviews. At Brainbox, one of our core skills is actually helping you discover ways to deliver value to your clients.

Brainbox specializes in:

  • Strategic and tactical support
    • Framing the use of Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server and Tableau Online
  • Roadmap development
    • Provide strategic direction and consulting for the creation of preliminary proof-of-concept deliverables
    • Access to our methodology for gathering/defining visualization requirements — our process helps you avoid the pitfalls of delivering dashboards that are crowded with data but lack simple and actionable insight
  • Prototype construction
    • Generating and modifying Tableau visualizations
    • Providing ideation and support for client-facing sales and operational deliverables
  • Data preparation
    • Providing assistance accessing or modifying data sources to meet Tableau visualization requirements
    • Optimizing data source extraction and performance speeds
    • Implementing best practices around data joining and blending, tableau data extracts, security permissions on data sources, calculated fields, interactive dashboard configuration and a multitude of data preparation considerations
  • Coaching, adoption support, and training
    • Our proprietary training programs for beginner and advanced Tableau Desktop users
    • Providing assistance, where needed, to internal resources working with Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server and Tableau Online


Tableau Software visualization example

Tableau Software visualization example

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You might be trying to bring a powerful self-service analytics solution to your enterprise, or contemplating a strategy to work with data in a safe and secure environment. Or perhaps you’re evaluating Tableau as a tool for your organization.

If your BI team has:

  • Historically under delivered in creating data visualizations and dashboards
  • Promised to leverage your organization’s use of data into a competitive position
  • Purchased a Tableau product and are experiencing adoption challenges
  • Struggled to access, understand, or share data…or exposed conflicting data
  • Experienced performance problems attempting to integrate multiple data sources into single data story

Brainbox Consulting can lead you in the right direction.