At Brainbox, we listen, ask thorough questions, and follow up methodically. Our collaborative, relationship-focused approach uncovers unique client and candidate needs.

We’ve learned that cultural fit, not technical competency, is the main reason placements do not work. We work with you to understand the traits that make someone successful within your company. As a result, our process successfully syncs core position competencies with company culture to enable candidates to thrive and clients to enjoy staff longevity.

We also test intelligently. Our proprietary internal testing of analytical, technical and professional expertise yields only a fraction of ‘pass’ ratings — but the individuals that meet our standards have a terrific shot at meeting yours.

What we do

The Brainbox Approach Benefits
Both Clients and Candidates

The Givens…

  • We scour networks
  • Look deeply online
  • Post jobs
  • Create carefully qualified job requisitions

The Extras…

  • We collaborate and build relationships with clients and candidates
  • Offer expertise in leveraging internal experts in BI, SharePoint and Tableau
  • Conduct proprietary testing
  • Provide dedicated client management skills
  • Deliver meticulous timeline and deadline management
  • Commit to onsite and visits and check-in’s