In the technology-driven world we live in today, every company is expected to run a BI operation. Everyone’s talking about analytics and big data, and expected to identify the “story” or insight into what the data tells them. Sound familiar?

Perhaps some of the challenges you’ve faced include:

  • The tools and approaches that produce these stories or insights are not always easy to find or affordable
  • Obstacles in maximizing effectiveness of data volumes, structure, training, hardware, software selection, reporting and visualization
  • Staying in front of changing tools, shifting trends, and complex data challenges
  • Maintaining the skillsets of your dedicated resources and preventing dilution as needs spread wider across them

At Brainbox, we leverage well over a decade of experience solving the challenges of collecting, storing and interpreting data. We were tackling and solving big data clickstream problems even before the term was established. Our BI experts are experienced in setting up and supporting BI teams, creating strategic roadmaps, and specialize in assessing teams to help them become centers of BI excellence.

What that means for you is we’ve most likely seen the BI problem or issue you are facing, or we’ve come across similar issues in our tenure as a leading BI solutions provider. We can help solve your BI challenges. We know how to break it into component pieces, and we have the services to quickly identify next steps and provide ready-built near-term infrastructure to get you moving.

What sets Brainbox apart from other business intelligence/data warehouse staffing firms is that they deliver utility players that can think about the business objectives and business outcomes first, and then turn to the technical details. They can problem solve and engage with our business users more than the other outside firms that we have used.

Jason Judge
VP, Information & Operations

Dashboard screenshot

Dashboards are a critical BI tool that when done correctly, provide actionable intelligence and valuable insight.

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