In the technology-driven world we live in today, every company is expected to run a BI operation. Everyone’s talking about analytics and big data, and expected to identify the “story” or insight into what the data tells them. Sound familiar?

Perhaps some of the challenges you’ve faced include:

  • The tools and approaches that produce these stories or insights are not always easy to find or affordable
  • Obstacles in maximizing effectiveness of data volumes, structure, training, hardware, software selection, reporting and visualization
  • Staying in front of changing tools, shifting trends, and complex data challenges
  • Maintaining the skillsets of your dedicated resources and preventing dilution as needs spread wider across them

At Brainbox, we leverage well over a decade of experience solving the challenges of collecting, storing and interpreting data. We were tackling and solving big data clickstream problems even before the term was established. Our BI experts are experienced in setting up and supporting BI teams, creating strategic roadmaps, and specialize in assessing teams to help them become centers of BI excellence.

What that means for you is we’ve most likely seen the BI problem or issue you are facing, or we’ve come across similar issues in our tenure as a leading BI solutions provider. We can help solve your BI challenges. We know how to break it into component pieces, and we have the services to quickly identify next steps and provide ready-built near-term infrastructure to get you moving.

What sets Brainbox apart from other business intelligence/data warehouse staffing firms is that they deliver utility players that can think about the business objectives and business outcomes first, and then turn to the technical details. They can problem solve and engage with our business users more than the other outside firms that we have used.

Jason Judge
VP, Information & Operations

Dashboard screenshot

Dashboards are a critical BI tool that when done correctly, provide actionable intelligence and valuable insight.

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Since 2006, the Brainbox team has worked extensively with SharePoint to help our clients develop simple, easily maintained and upgraded solutions. Our services empower companies and users to leverage SharePoint as an effective business tool and maximize their overall investment.

Brainbox SharePoint experts can help you:

  • Create order out of SharePoint chaos
  • Solve real business problems using tools you already own
  • Generate efficiencies via automation and optimization
  • Reduce frustration and increase adoption

SharePoint Expertise

Brainbox provides services that span the breadth and depth of SharePoint and affiliated tools. This helps our customers fully realize the SharePoint value they already have, but aren’t yet leveraging.

The Brainbox 7 X 7 SharePoint Lifecycle Assessment provides valuable insight across your organization and a roadmap for success in SharePoint, while our Virtual Team Solution delivers a managed service offering for your SharePoint environment. Whether you leverage our virtual team or a more traditional engagement, Brainbox delivers the exact SharePoint expertise needed.

Brainbox was able to quickly understand our business processes, convert our processes and workflows from Microsoft SharePoint 2003 to Microsoft SharePoint on Office 365, make suggestions for improvement, and then explain it all our employees. Our Brainbox consultant understood our business processes better than 90% of our own employees.

Brian Beaumont
Executive Director
Touch Worldwide

Brainbox is very responsive on any issues we raise and their easy collaborative approach delivers effective solutions to our users in an efficient manner. With Brainbox, I have a “go to” person on SharePoint questions. To sum up, I would say we’ve received excellent customer service, performance on projects, and collaboration with Brainbox.

Bob Francis
Site Head and Program Manager

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Tableau Software provides new capabilities for discovering and communicating valuable information — empowering users with actionable data in ways they’ve never been able to visualize before.

Brainbox is a Tableau Alliance Partner certified in Tableau Desktop and Server. We are both fierce advocates for the technology and wide-eyed about the challenges of implementing Tableau in the enterprise.

We know that working with any visualization tool, understanding its potential, and implementing successfully to leverage that potential can be daunting.

Challenges we often hear from customers about visualization tools:

  • The software is too complex
  • They are struggling to access, understand and share their data
  • Their data visualizations aren’t compelling
  • They are challenged by ever increasing quantities and sources of data
  • Adoption rates are disappointing

Brainbox Consulting’s Tableau experts help solve these challenges by offering Tableau data integration, visualization and training support, enabling customers to access, interpret and share their most critical data.

Tableau dashboards make it easier for users to understand their data.

Tableau dashboards make it easier for users to understand their data.

Plinth student information dashboards let educators see and interact with their student data.

Plinth student information dashboards let educators see and interact with their student data.


At Brainbox, we have a deep understanding of Tableau Software. As a Tableau Alliance Partner we’re excited about the Tableau solutions, the wide range of problems they address, and the speed at which you can now deploy and solve them. In fact, we have even developed our own product, Plinth, for K-12 schools using Tableau.

Brainbox supports our customers through our Tableau consulting, server administration, and training services. We’ve helped customers with solutions such as:

  • Providing support to implement and leverage Tableau Desktop, Tableau Online and Tableau Server
  • Developing roadmaps and creating proof-of-concept deliverables
  • Aligning dashboard and visualization construction with strategic goals
  • Defining corporate standards around visualization approach and methodology

We understand the challenges of implementing new software applications and spurring your employees to adopt them. With our Tableau Software consulting expertise, Brainbox Consulting can lead you in the right direction, minimize your adoption time, and increase your bottom-line results.

Brainbox Consulting - Tableau Software Alliance Partner

The Brainbox Virtual Tableau Team provides the perfect balance of skills to develop end-to-end solutions. From architecture, data modeling, database management all the way to creating beautiful visualizations, the Brainbox Virtual Tableau Team structure delivered cost-effective, actionable results.

Clinton Fowler
Director, BI


Brainbox can help you assess your visualization and reporting situation, walk you through Tableau demos, and help you develop a plan of action that will meet your business and data needs.

Schedule a complimentary consulting session with Brainbox Consulting’s Tableau experts today.

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Brainbox Consulting has a decade of success in helping clients through every stage of the business intelligence journey. By working with us for your recruiting, our technical knowledge base becomes your advantage — yielding efficient and accurate talent placement.


While known for our deep expertise in Business Intelligence (BI) and SharePoint, our clients also rely on us for help with placements ranging from software development, to CRM, ERP, and project management.


Our goal is to help you evaluate your needs and acquire the right strategic and tactical resources whether it’s contract, contract to hire, FTE or through a Brainbox Virtual Team.

Not only did they provide experienced professionals versed in the subject, but time and attention were given to finding resources that would fit our culture and work streams. We built a smart, cohesive and highly functioning team with the help of Brainbox.

Jeff Trimble
VP Operations & Technology

I enjoy working with Brainbox due to the formidable skill sets and aptitude of the Brainbox team. I appreciate the quality of work the Brainbox brand represents to the clients. Brainbox does a great job putting emphasis on the needs of the client while balancing the professional desires of the Brainbox team members. Brainbox keeps their word and they respect the people and companies they work with.

Ken Garrett
Senior BI Consultant