Empower Your Educators 
with Meaningful



Engage with a highly visual and interactive interface

Understand students better by bridging the data to a name, face, and relationship

Save time with comprehensive reports to keep focus on analysis and decision-making

As an educator you’re responsible for helping students achieve their highest potential. For those that struggle, it’s often difficult to determine what the issues are and how to help them pave a road to success. That’s where Plinth Student Information Dashboards can make a difference—by providing you and your counterparts with consistent student data to make informed decisions and action plans to get them back on track. Plinth Student Information Dashboards:

Bring parents, students, and educators together in a positive way to identify patterns in student academics and behavior that can be addressed by student intervention teams (SITs).

Collaborate to Identify Patterns

Create Actionable Reports

Create valuable and actionable reports customized for each student.

Attack your Achievement Gaps

Attack your achievement and opportunity gaps by empowering your SITs with the information they need to understand your students more accurately and quickly.

Plinth relies on your most current, trusted and actionable data – your data. Utilize your classroom performance, attendance, and behavioral data to understand the story of each child.

Use YOUR Data

Features of Plinth Student Information Dashboards

Plinth provides you with the latest in data mining/analysis technology that is highly visual, interactive, and consistent—which makes it easier to identify patterns and assert data-driven decisions.

Insightful & Informative

Delivers a higher quality of information instead of only standardized test scores to pinpoint areas requiring attention.

Able to be accessed in a controlled environment and shared with student, parents, and SIT.

Personalized & Confidential

Drives data mining and analysis without devouring time and resources.

Cost-Effective & Versatile

Applications couple with School Information System (SIS) to run data and produce detailed reports.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Concise & Accurate

The data is consistent and is mined from one source instead of multiple places or locations.

Get the answers you need when you need it without delays.

On-Time at Your Fingertips


Consolidated student data in one place-easy to access for the whole team.

Who Does Plinth Benefit?

The Entire Academic Team

Deans and Principals

Often the drivers of the student intervention, deans and principals can use Plinth to provide insight and help identify an action plan.


Why Plinth?
The Answer is Simple.

Save Time & Increase Depth of Understanding

Plinth will increase your team’s efficiency and depth of understanding with its highly visual and interactive dashboards. Patterns emerge clearly and quickly and the data is “just there.”

Save Time

There’s no time to waste for any struggling student. Plinth organizes, visualizes and makes your data interactive so your intervention teams can see and understand the needs of each child. Let Plinth take care of organizing and visualizing your data so your educators can spend more of their time with students.


The main goal of the counselor is identifying students that struggle academically and consult with the student, parents, and teachers on actions that will lead to the student’s success.


Plinth provides information that empowers teachers to engage in data-driven discussions with their peers and department teams, as well as better understanding of their students’ needs.

Plinth Student Information Dashboards allow Student Intervention Teams (SITs) to save time and energy to focus on what they do best—figure out how to help a struggling student.

 Gain insight into the “full story” of attendance, behavior, and coursework patterns

A Game Changer for SITs

Plinth Student Information Dashboards compile and report student-specific data on academic performance and behavioral trends to help construct the story of a struggling child. It’s improvement by focusing on the needs one student at a time. Plinth empowers your intervention teams and outcomes by providing valuable insights, which bring SITs together in powerful ways:

Plinth helps Student Intervention Teams quickly assess a child’s story so they can develop an effective intervention plan that will meet the student’s unique needs

Plinth increases your intervention team's knowledge, motivation, accountability, performance and student achievement.

Plinth Student Information Dashboards take care of organizing, visualizing the data and makes communicating with data easy. Empower your intervention teams to spend their time on relationships, instruction, and their intervention work.

Increased efficiency in progress monitoring after action plans are developed and implemented

Contact us to see how PLINTH can benefit the Student Intervention Teams in your district.

With Plinth you can:

See the full period attendance dashboard.

See the full coursework dashboard.

See full daily attendance dashboard.

See full behavior dashboard.

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