Seattle Public Schools

We can now use accurate, timely, and accessible data about at risk students and many other performance indicators, to inform how we evaluate, invest in, and sustain programs. Having access to accurate data through the Academic Data Warehouse has been a game changer for us.

Pegi McEvoy
Assistant Superintendent of Operations, Seattle Public Schools

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Not only did they provide experienced professionals versed in the subject, but time and attention were given to finding resources that would fit our culture and work streams. We built a smart, cohesive and highly functioning team with the help of Brainbox.  

Jeff Trimble
Vice President, Operations & Technology, ChemPoint


When we recently needed to make a decision regarding product integration with SharePoint, we engaged Brainbox to help us with technical details. Brainbox went beyond technical details to provide analysis and recommendations on how our product best fits with SharePoint. Brainbox's deliverables have and continue to inform our strategic decision-making ranging from product development to pricing and positioning.

David E. Wachter
CMO, Hivemine

Iron Mountain

The leadership at Brainbox Consulting has been a trusted partner in a number of technology areas including web application, data warehousing and data parsing. One solution that stands out is a parsing application they designed and built for us. Our North American Operations was facing a substantial challenge integrating multiple, daily data feeds in over fifty locations. Brainbox built a flexible and robust parsing solution to centralize and consolidate this array of multiple, one-off applications all over the U.S. and Canada. Their work led to significant savings in our field support costs and a solution that still runs a decade later, processing over 50,000 files a week and enabling millions of transactions to be processed. Brainbox definitely knows how to partner, integrate and work with data.

John Tomovcsik
North American Chief Operating Officer, Iron Mountain


Our experience with Brainbox Consulting was eye opening. They were truly interested in learning about our business, how we operate, and what is important to us. Brainbox asked lots of questions, not only about the data, but also about what we did, how we worked, what we wanted the project outcome to provide, the problems were we trying to solve, and how would the solution be used. Brainbox embraced that they weren’t there to do a job, but to provide a solution that works for us, meeting not only our technical requirements but also our business requirements.

Tim Matthews
CIO, Ryzex


Brainbox was brought in to help Perfect Market (Taboola) manage a set of data warehouse modeling challenges. We were working with very large volumes of clickstream and web analytic data and we needed support tackling the problem of appropriate grain, ensuring the accuracy of our data, and designing the ETL to support it. We also needed to train our internal resources to work with a more sophisticated business intelligence model than we'd been using. Brainbox was a key part of laying the architectural data foundation for our current approach and have been a valued and trusted vendor for us. We highly recommend them to help define a strategic roadmap and deliver on a 'big data' business intelligence effort.

Ning Ning Yu
V.P. Taboola-X R&D


Adam Nathan and Brainbox Consulting are extremely adept at bringing out new perspectives in approaching your business intelligently. We employed Brainbox to guide us on a strategic charter for our BI project. In just two days, Brainbox led us out of the ‘big ball of mud’ into a highly practical architecture with clearly defined modules wrapped around business functions. Thanks to Brainbox, we gained revolutionary insight into our business and our business intelligence project.

Dennis Howell
Sales Business Planning Team Leader, Stemilt